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Mom's WOW Card

Mom’s WOW Card by Andrea Spillett


Make mom feel incredible with this easy-to-make, symmetrical Mother’s Day card.


What You Need (1 per student):


  • 9” x 12” piece of white construction paper
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Black sharpie
  • Markers (assorted colors)


What To Do:


  1. Hold the piece of white construction paper horizontally. Fold in half, keeping the fold at the top.
  2. Write the word “MOM” on the paper in pencil, filling up the paper.
  3. Write over the letters using a sharpie. Cut out, remembering not to cut on the fold.
  4. Open card up and use the sharpie to trace around the letters.
  5. Decorate the card using the markers.

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